Some more great feedback this week in response to training carried out by Dave Holmes! Dave recently visited several sites to train staff to take and record water temperatures.

Some of the very positive comments included:

“I thought the training was brilliant, I prefer practical training because you have a chance to actually do it for yourself and learn how to do it there and then. I also thought learning about the seriousness of Legionella was a real eye opener. Thanks, I feel confident in carrying out the checks now”

“Dave took his time and explained really well the procedures to make us aware of both how to do it and the reason / importance of doing it”

“This was a much better way to make us aware of the issues surrounding Legionella. Dave told you what you needed to know and even left us with the correct temperatures for each area and his mobile number if there are any queries”

“Dave was a great trainer – to the point and answered any questions”

Well done Dave!

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