In light of the current situation with Covid-19 we are now going to communicate with our customers on a more frequent basis, on how we are continuing to provide critical and essential service at hsl compliance

The key areas we want to cover in this letter are; how are we protecting our workforce, how will we continue to provide service and what do we need from our customers to continue to provide service.

The message that we have been sending to our staff is that we will continue to protect their health, safety and welfare whilst continuing to provide our critical services to customers and protect their staff.

How are we protecting our workforce?

Since the announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday, we have taken time to consider our position and have taken certain steps to further safeguard the welfare of our staff and also to adhere to social distancing requirements.

Our staff have now been issued with a property matrix to inform them what buildings they can and cannot visit. This decisions within this matrix have been made on risk and potential exposure to our staff from the general public and or based on a restricted access period of 3/ 4 weeks. After this period we will revise the matrix if required or following any further changes in guidance from the Government.

Please be advised the managers can not deviate from the guidance provided. The Management team have been advised to refer any customer concerns to the Board of Directors for a decision.

The other actions that we have either introduced or re-evaluated to ensure the safety of our staff and your property users include.

  • Self-isolation guidelines
  • Reinforced to staff the importance of social distancing at all times
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment for Covid-19
  • Process for safe working in a customer site
  • Toolbox talks to reinforce all operating systems. (which will be done weekly until further notice) • Homeworking wherever possible.
  • Twice daily managers meetings
  • Daily Government and technical updates.
  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment for contraction and mitigating actions
  • Guidelines on preventing cross contamination between sites
  • Constant review of contingency plans

How will we continue to provide service?

I would like to reiterate from my original correspondence that we will continue to provide critical services to our customers and we will pay special attention to Health Care, Food Production, Critical Manufacturing, Utilities, Infrastructure, Local and Central Government.

We still have a good stock of chemicals and materials and have reinforced the supply chain to support if necessary.

What do we need from our customers?

The key support that we need from our customers at the moment is helping us to continue to provide service by supporting site access; most customers have been wonderfully helpful!

Like every business in the country at the moment we are concerned by our cash position. We now need all customers to pay strictly on payment terms, unfortunately we will not be able to continue services were we are not being paid with terms for both completed and future works!

Public Sector Clients

We are sure that you are aware of PPN 20/02 Procurement Policy Note (Supplier relief due to COVID-19 Action Note PPN 02/20 March 2020). We have asked our operational teams to agree the following items with you in line with the document:

  • Agree a monthly payment with you by the end of March – This may include work which has been postponed, deferred of aborted due to Covid-19. As per the guidance we will be looking to invoice an amount which is in line with our normal amounts.
  • Relief on KPI’s due to the situation
  • Agree payment dates for invoices at the time of agreeing value. Pay invoice on receipt, we commit to work with you to support with the reconcile invoice & paperwork process at a later date
  • As per the requirements we will provide open book accounting during the period that we are applying this principle.Partnership Approach

    We will continue to work in partnership with our customers and thank our customers for reciprocating in a similar manner. If you need any further help or support in this very difficult time then please do not hesitate your accounts manner.

    Kind Regards,

    Gavin Hartley Managing Director

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